Sunday, April 17, 2005

My thoughts on what we discussed yesterday

What I feel about going ahead with what we discussed yesterday is
- we should limit this effort to only two of us to start with
- our common interests are in SCM and related topics and hence we can choose some topic within SCM
- we can list challenges that our client have faced to identify which subject would be worth working on
- since we have worked 2+ yrs in Fashion segment, we have good knowledge of this industry (I mean, better than other industries) and list few challenges this industry faces. But let's not close doors for general challenges from SCM field
- we have to commit say min 5 hrs per week to start with for this initiative
- let's not get bogged with high level thoughts like purpose, motive, aim & goals etc for this initiative. Let some stuff come up in few weeks and then these thoughts can be defined.



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